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Initiative Minderheiten

Since 1991, Initiative Minderheiten has been advocating for and contributing to creating a society that acknowledges and affords equal treatment and equal rights to minorities in their individual life concepts regardless of their ethnic, social or religious affiliation, sexual orientation or dis/ability. A society can only be considered to have acknowledged minority rights if it facilitates and supports different life concepts in a fair and equal manner. Initiative Minderheiten works towards creating minority alliances.

IM defines a minority as people who experience discrimination based on their ethnic, social or religious affiliation, sexual orientation or dis/ability. Politically, discrimination means excluding certain people from certain rights; socially, it means experiencing prejudices and exclusions. In Austria, legally recognized ethnic groups are also considered minorities, as well as migrants and refugees, lesbians, gays and transgenders, and people with dis/abilities. This definition is not based on a group’s number of members, but rather on their lack of power in comparison to that of the hegemonic majority.

Initiative Minderheiten edits a quarterly journal STIMME von und für Minderheiten [VOICE of and for Minorities] and produces the bi-monthly radio program STIMME that airs on several free radio stations across Austria.

Initiative Minderheiten projects and events

Good Luck! Migration today - Concept.pdf

Gastarbajteri & Gastarbajteri Folder – 40 Years of Labor Migration Exhibition Project Wien Museum Karlsplatz and the Gürtel (main branch of the) public library in Vienna, 2004

Liebesforschung - istra?vanje ljubavi - Rodimos e kamlipesko Theater project in cooperation with Romani dori, dieTheater Karlsplatz, as part of the EQUAL project “work in process” 2006

Hidden Histories – remapping Mozart Project coordinator, part of the Vienna Mozart Year 2006

Bürgerliche Freiheit gibt es nur im Rahmen von äußerer Ordnung – Roma und Sinti seit der Aufklärung [Bougeoise freedom only exists within external order – Roma and Sinti since Enlightenment] lectures, discussions and film screenings during the exhibition project Hidden Histories – remapping Mozart, Bösendorfer Piano Factory, 2006

Die andere Hymne – Minderheitenstimmen zum Nationalfeiertag [The Other Hymn – Minority Voices on the Austrian National Holiday] Concerts and book launch at Sargfabrik Wien, 2005 and Literaturhaus Wien, 2006

Mobbingprävention am Arbeitsplatz [Mobbing Prevention on the Workplace] Workshops as part of the EQUAL project “work in process” in cooperation with Peregrina, 2005-2006

Antidiskriminatorische Betriebsvereinbarung [Anti-discrimination Employment Agreement], 2004 – 2006

subtitle – Kulturproduktionen von Minderheiten zwischen Ethnisierung und Politik [subtitle – minority cultural productions between ethnification and politics] Symposium, main branch of the Vienna public library, 2005

dezentrale medien Project coordinator; education for migrants in new media, 2002 - 2004

Open Up Project coordinator for two modules in the EQUAL project “open up,” 2002 - 2004

Plakatwettbewerb Kolaric lebt. Plakate gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Rassismus [Poster competition: Kolaric is alive. Posters against xenophobia and racism], 2004

Minderheitenbox. Das Medienpaket für den Bildungsbereich [Minority educational packet. Media packet for educational contexts], 2000 - 2001

Wettbewerb klanggesetz – Vertonung des Art. 7 [Competition: sounding law – putting sound/music to Article 7], 2000

Internationale Sommerhochschule Minderheiten und Medien [International summer academy for minorities and media], 1999

Internationale Tagung Minderheiten- und Menschenrechte [International conference on minority and human rights] in cooperation with the Austrian Public Broadcasting system (ORF) editing department for minority issues and the Austrian League for Human Rights, 1998.

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